Why Cummins ?

Cummins Power Generation matches the right generator set, transfer and control technologies
 to power a client’s needs. With pre-integrated onsite power systems, all the components are designed to work together as a whole. Especially when you need generator power 24 hours a day,
it is important to pick a product known for its reliability and long life. Cummins Power Generation generators are known to run almost twice the number of hours, i.e. time before overhaul, compared to most of its competitors.

Rapid Product Availability

Proven Reliability and Low Life-Cycle Cost

High Efficiency and Operational Flexibility

High Quality Electrical Performance

Established Service, Fuel Supply Infrastructure

24/7/365 Support

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Cummins Power Generation

TPL’s diesel–powered generator sets ranging from 7.2kVA to 3350 kVA are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications. TPL, supported by its team of experienced engineering team and Cummins factory trained technicians, is the market leader in the diesel generator business in Sri Lanka.

TPL boasts of an experienced workforce with integrated professional and technical skills to service client needs, to take its customers from the initial load survey to installation, servicing and maintenance.

View Generator Models and Ratings

ModelStandbyPrimeData Sheet
C17 D516.515View PDF
C22 D52220View PDF
C28 D527.525View PDF
C33 D53330View PDF
C38 D53835View PDF
C44 D54440View PDF
C55 D55550View PDF
C66 D56660View PDF
C90 D59082View PDF
C110 D5110100View PDF
C150 D5150136View PDF
C170 D5170155View PDF
C200 D5e200182View PDF
C220 D5e220200View PDF
C275 D5275250View PDF
C300 D5300275View PDF
C330 D5330300View PDF
C400 D5400360View PDF
C440 D5440400View PDF
C500 D5e500455View PDF
C550 D5e550500View PDF
C700 D5706640View PDF
C825 D5825750View PDF
C900 D5900820View PDF
C1000 D51041939View PDF
C1100 D511001000View PDF
C1400 D514001250View PDF
C1675 D5A16751500View PDF
C1760 D5e17601600View PDF
C2000 D520631875View PDF
C2250 D522502000View PDF
C2500 D5A25002250View PDF
C2750 D527502500View PDF

Installation Details


  • Sound Proofing Solutions
  • Fuel Supply Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Wall and Ceiling Cladding Systems
  • Heat recovery and Remote Cooling Systems
  • Testing and Commissioning

Installation – Sound proofing  

  • Room sound proofing
  • Canopies

Installation – Fuel Systems

  • Day tanks
  • Bulk Tanks
  • Fuel supply network
  • Fuel/water separation/filtering systems
  • Fuel pump and control systems

Installation – Exhaust systems

  • Primary and secondary silencers
  • Exhaust piping
  • Thermal insulation
  • Emission control systems

Installation –  Electrical systems

  • Power cabling
  • Bus duct
  • Synchronizing switch gears
  • Auto-transfer switches
  • Earthing
  • Control cabling

Wall and ceiling cladding

Heat recovery and Remote Cooling Systems

Testing and commissioning

  • Load testing
  • Sound level testing
  • Earth resistance testing
  • Insulation testing
  • Commissioning

Fabrication Details


  • Attenuators
  • Silencers/Mufflers
  • Fuel tanks
  • Sound proof doors
  • Metal processing
  • Weather Proof Louvers
  • Supporting structures


Design and Consultation Details

Design and Consultation

  • Load surveying
  • Generator sizing
  • Power system designing
  • Electrical protection
  • Design calculations


Cummins Engine
Cummins Engine
Cummins Engine
Cummins Engine

Improve the quality of people’s lives with
innovative solutions for power and movement


Cummins Marine

Founded in 1919, Cummins Inc. has a long history powering marine applications. Today, Cummins provide products and services across a range of commercial, government and recreational marine applications globally.

Cummins Marine Propulsion


Cummins offers a range of engines with a broad range of power, from 5.9 to 95 liters, with both mechanical and electronic fuel systems compliant to global emission requirements.


The mechanical engine product line has lower initial costs and is a great option for fleets already powered by Cummins mechanical products who are seeking to standardize their fleet.

· B, K, N and V products with mechanical fuel systems

· Simple, proven design

· Easy to service

· Lower cost of ownership

· Basic functionality and monitoring

· Marine Classification Society approved


Cummins Quantum Series engines allow engine fueling to be precisely measured and optimized because fuel injection can be specifically controlled at varying loads and engine speed.

· Quantum Series with electronic fuel systems

· Advanced functionality, options and features

· World class durability

· Proven electronics

· Enhanced engine protection

· Marine Classification Society approved


Cummins Marine Gensets

Cummins marine generator sets includes Cummins Onan and C Power generator sets for ship’s service and emergency power, as well as diesel electric propulsion.



Cummins understands the importance of classification society certification to the commercial marine industry. Therefore, Cummins obtains type approvals from major marine classification societies worldwide including:

» American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

» Bureau Veritas (BV)

» China Classification Society (CCS)


» Korean Register of Shipping (KR)

» Lloyds Register (LR)

» Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)

Service Guarantee

TPL Trained Marine Application Engineers, known for their technical expertise and quality service, are available on-call 24/7 to help you keep your engines up and running, both in Sri Lanka as well as Maldives.

  • Marine support team incl. Project Manager, Application Engineer and Drawing office
  • Market Leader for Colombo Dockyard in the past 5 years for supply of main engines and Aux units
  • Factory trained technical staff
  • Malabe based certified training center
  • In house fuel pump and injector repair facility.

Genuine Cummins Parts

GENUINE CUMMINS PARTS for Marine Propulsion engines and Generating sets

  • Designed to work with your specific engine
  • Promote longer engine life
  • Include the latest upgrades in materials,
  • Component design and workmanship
  • Backed by the best warranty in the business

Marine Projects

With over 250 staff, the company has grown steadily and developed its capabilities to contribute to the development of Sri Lanka’s infrastructure, it’s buildings, and it’s manufacturing capability. TPL has supplied Marine Power Generation power solutions for several important projects across various segments as below.

  • Greatship India-11 ships- Anchor Handling Tugs and Platform Supply Vessels for offshore oil and gas industry
  • 2 x 460kW & 1 x 92kW Generators per ship
  • 2 x 35kW Aux Generators per fast patrol craft
  • Sri Lanka Navy Projects- 2 x 35kW Aux Generators per fast patrol craft 42 x 35kW aux generators
  • Maldives Government Coast Guard Vessels 2 x 1875HP Main Engines 2 x 45kW Generators

Cummins x15 Marine Engine

Cummins Marine Engine Power

Cummins Marine Engines


TPL Sri Lanka - Cummins Division

TPL takes pride in its over 25-year relationship with Cummins Inc. Supported by its team of experienced engineers and Cummins factory trained technicians, TPL is the market leader in the diesel generator industry in Sri Lanka.

TPL’s Head Office, Workshop, Parts Centre, Noise Treatment Area, Test Cell, and Cummins Certified Training Centre are located in Malabe, Sri Lanka.


TPL Maldives Cummins Division

Trade Promoters Limited (TPL) was appointed autho-rized distributor for Cummins Inc. in the Republic of Maldives effective April 2019, in addition to its over 25-year role as the distributor for Cummins Inc. in Sri Lanka. The distributorship in the Maldives covers Cummins’ full product line of diesel engines, diesel generating sets and related components, and Fleetguard Filtration prod- ucts.

TPL is already familiar with the Maldives, having supplied and installed Cummins generator sets at sever- al resorts over the last few years. TPL is currently working on Cummins prime power generator installations at three new 5-star hotels in the Maldives which are sched-uled for completion by early 2020, and also supplying generators to Fenaka Corporation to ensure the Maldives’ island communities have a secure and reliable supply of electricity.

Our Head Office, Parts Warehouse and Service Work- shop will be located in Hulhumale’ and ready for occupation shortly.


We are involved in critical operations where reliable and continuous power is a prime concern. Any power interruption or power quality disturbance could lead to serious productivity loss. We chose Cummins Power Generation generators over its competition due to its exceptional performance and reliability. Even after the sale, Cummins trained engineers from Trade Promoters Limited, continue to support us onsite through their after-sales support.

TPL has a very good workshop set-up and we are close to the company’s maintenance staff as well as its senior managers

TPL is one of the top service providers we deal with, they are very service oriented, they are available 24/7 no matter what. They go beyond the norm.

TPL was the only supplier to come up with a solution to synchronize the two new generator sets with the third party machine. The generator sets and control systems are working well for us and we get very good aftersales service from TPL.

If I could give 5 stars for support and attention on your work I definitely would. You guys have top notch customer service. I would definitely recommend Trade Promoters Limited (TPL) to anyone looking to Generator Services and Maintenance.

Our relationship with TPL is very important, We get very good technical support from TPL and we get on-time delivery and commissioning. Pricing is also kept at a competitive level which is important.

After analysing different generator brands, the proven quality and performance of the Cummins product, along with the aftersales service provided by Trade Promoters, were the key factors in the purchasing decision.


Cummins Spare Parts & Fleetguard Filters

It is important to ensure that your equipment continues performing at optimal levels while maintaining minimum downtime and maintenance costs. TPL is committed to helping you achieve this goal. Together, we will make sure that your equipment remains productive for years to come.

  • We supply only genuine Cummins spare parts backed by a 1-year Cummins warranty, and genuine Fleetguard filters which will enhance the performance of your products and time between services
  • We are the only entity in Sri Lanka & Maldives to carry out warranty repairs on all Cummins products
  • We maintain ex-stock of parts & filters at the TPL parts warehouse
  • Backed by Professional & Well-experienced Technical Marketing Team empowered with Cummins Training
  • Door to door Delivery service for parts and filter orders


  • Major components such as pistons, liners, engine bearings, inlet and exhaust valves and gasket kits to name a few. We stock genuine Cummins spare parts for an extensive range of Cummins models operating in Sri Lanka.
  • Complete range of Fleetguard fuel filters, lubrication filters and air filters, together with environmentally safe coolant and coolant additives, manufactured with the latest NanoNET media technology.
  • Valvoline Oil

Genuine Parts vs Non Genuine Parts

About Cummins Fleetguard

Fleetguard Cooling Systems


Benefits of Using Cummins Genuine Products

Optimised performance

Today’s engines are more sensitive to microscopic contamination and water due to higher injection pressures and tighter tolerances. Every Fleetguard product is developed and tested in conjunction with the base engine package to ensure optimal performance by enhancing combustion and power while minimizing engine wear.

Increased Uptime

Higher power density, changes in oil formulations and exhaust gases cause higher production of soot and sludge in oil which increases engine wear. We provide the best technology for maximum filtration efficiency, minimal flow restriction, extended service intervals and optimal filter life.

Enhanced Fuel Economy

Fleetguard products maximize fuel efficiency by removing smallest contaminants; maintaining appropriate coolant flow rates, enhancing fuel lubricity, and lowering soot by 40% over the service interval. Our lightweight and smaller products, like our User-Friendly Filters, reduce fuel costs during transport.

Lower Operating Costs

When engine systems are properly maintained with Fleetguard products for normal and extended

service intervals, overall operating costs decrease, including acquisition, installation and removal, inventory, transaction and disposal costs.

Environmental Safety

Fleetguard products support customers in meeting global emission regulation standards by lowering exhaust emissions, extending service intervals and reducing hazardous waste.


Service & Repairs

We Offer



Worldwide distributors are subjected to the Cummins Excel audit, a Cummins initiative similar to ISO, to ensure that the distributor facility and the level of service provided by the distributor meet internationally accepted standards.


TPL’s fully equipped workshop contains up to date Cummins diesel engine repair tooling for specialized repairs and major overhauls. The TPL office consists of a fully certified fuel pump and injector calibration facility in Malabe, where we repair and overhaul Cummins fuel injectors and fuel pumps.


The Cummins certified training facility in Malabe is equipped with live training engines and state-of-the-art simulators for engine fault diagnosis, enhancing both in-house capability and end user skills. A comprehensive technical library is available for referencing.


Read More About Spare Parts Here


With an extensive range of swing components including swing engines, cylinder heads, water pumps, fuel pumps, injectors, and turbochargers, and a fleet of field service vehicles including lifting equipment and transport vehicles, TPL is able to minimize downtime for its customers.

We Support

Cummins Service Department provides of aftermarket support services for the following segments.

  • Diesel generators in Sri Lanka and Maldives used for prime or standby electricity generation.
  • Marine Propulsion engines and marine gensets.
  • Rail engines.
  • Automotive engines used in the Container handling industry and construction industry.

TPL has over 3000 Cummins generators in the Sri Lankan market both for prime power and standby power across various market segments, with the number increasing every year.


We supply only genuine Cummins spare parts backed by a 1-year Cummins warranty, and genuine Fleetguard filters which will enhance the performance of your products and time between servicesWe are the only entity in Sri Lanka & Maldives to carry out warranty repairs on all Cummins products


Maintenance Contracts

Why should you have an Annual Maintenance Contract for your Cummins Power Generation diesel generator?

All machines require regular and timely care and maintenance; especially moving parts need periodic cleaning, lubrication and adjustment. It’s equally important to identify and correct faults before they develop into component failures, which are costly and time consuming to repair.

We offer our customers the opportunity to ensure that their diesel generator operates to its potential. Our aim is to provide you with world-class service support that is fast and responsive, flexible and convenient. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) are the most effective & efficient way of ensuring your diesel generator receives the timely care it needs and performs at its peak. AMCs reduce operating costs by extending the useful life and increasing reliability and maximum productivity of your generator.

What are the advantages of going for an Annual Maintenance Contract?

  • Allows you to benefit from better prices compared to customers without AMCs
  • Reduces risk, disruption and loss of revenue caused by unscheduled power outages by 
ensuring your generator is always ready to start and deliver power
  • Helps you to concentrate on your core business
  • Ensures increased uptime, leading to greater productivity and increased revenue
  • Delivers early warnings and enables prompt action
  • Gives you the opportunity to plan ahead with greater confidence
  • Helps us plan ahead and serve you better

Can’t I have my neighborhood handyman do the job for me?

We use highly skilled Cummins-certified technicians and genuine Cummins spare parts with Fleetguard filters. Our repairs carry a guarantee. When you buy spares from us you receive a genuineness certificate from Cummins. Now that you’ve invested good money buying one of the best products in the world, why not treat it right and ensure it delivers what was promised?

How often must I service my diesel generator?

Every 250 hours or 6 months, whichever occurs first. During each service, our technicians will inspect the generator’s lubrication system, coolant system, electrical system, air intake system, exhaust system and control system. They will change oil filters, fuel filters, coolant filters and engine oil. Maintenance recommendations will be provided in line with Cummins guidelines.

What’s the difference between a service and an inspection?

Lubrication & coolant systems, electrical, air intake, exhaust and control systems are checked during an inspection to ensure that your diesel generator is healthy. Oil & filter change is NOT included.

What are my options?

Option 1: Comprehensive AMC (2 services per year + 2 inspections per year)
Highly Recommended. With a Comprehensive AMC, potential problems can be identified early and preventive measures can be employed. You can achieve increased operational efficiency, reduced risk of generator downtime and complete control over costs.

Option 2: Basic AMC (2 services per year)
Recommended. You have most of the benefits of a Comprehensive AMC but there will be a 6-month gap between our visits.

Option 3: Custom AMC (example – 1 service per year + 1 inspection per year)
You have the flexibility to tailor this package to your unique requirement. You may include or exclude any elements from the other AMCs to suit your operational needs and budget. You may even opt for inspections only. There is an element of risk here because the performance characteristics of oil change with time.

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D3S_1580 as Smart Object-1
D3S_1590 as Smart Object-1
D3S_1872 as Smart Object-1



Minimizing Fuel Consumption and Increasing Longevity for Paralleled Generator Sets Download .PDF

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