About Schindler

Schindler was founded in 1874 in Lucerne, Switzerland, and is one of the world’s leading providers of elevators, escalators, and moving walks, as well as maintenance and modernization services. The Group has over 1000 branch offices in more than 100 countries, as well as production sites and research and development facilities in the US, Brazil, Europe, China, and India.

Schindler manufactures, installs, services and modernizes elevators, escalators and moving walks for almost every type of building requirement worldwide. The company specializes in the latest-technology engineering, as well as mechanical and microprocessor technology products designed and rigorously tested for safety, comfort, efficiency and reliability.

Inspired by the vision of being the best service provider in the industry for its customers, Schindler will continue in the future to develop highly innovative and user-friendly mobility solutions and to deliver these to the world market.

Schindler adds value to the buildings of architects, owners and builders. Schindler mobility solutions are adapted to all needs – from first sketches in planning to operation and modernization. Schindler products are recognized as benchmarks for quality and safety.

Over 30-year relationship between TPL & Schindler

TPL takes pride in its over 30-year relationship with Schindler. TPL’s Head Office, Workshop, Parts Centre and Training Centre are located in Malabe, Sri Lanka. The Schindler Head Office was recently opening in Horton Place. Colombo, Sri Lanka. With over 250 employees, TPL has built an image and reputation as a technically competent, innovative and trustworthy organization.

Schindler has recorded a steady growth in Sri Lanka enabling urban mobility with some iconic projects including Sri Lanka’s first Sheraton Hotel, 30 storey Amari Colombo, Anantara Kalutara and Tangalle, Araliya Unawatuna and numerous projects with esteemed developers including Fairway Holdings, Prime Lands, Homelands, among many others.


Our Product Range


For any individual need in the market, Schindler provides an appropriate elevator solution. Schindler products can be found in many well-known buildings throughout the globe, including office buildings, airports, and shopping centres/retail establishments.

We provide:

· Low-rise requirements for basic transportation needs at affordable costs

· Mid-rise applications for the residential and commercial market segments

· High-rise requirements for the commercial market segment



Our escalators provide safe, reliable and eco-friendly mobility in shopping centres, airports, and commercial buildings.

Moving Walks

You will find Schindler moving walks in some of the world’s busiest airports, exhibition halls, subway systems and shopping complexes. TPL has supplied 8 Schindler moving walks to The Bandaranaike International Airport; the first moving walks to be installed in Sri Lanka.


Why Schindler

Accurate by technology

For passenger transport, accuracy in elevator travel and stop-leveling is crucial to comfort. Schindler elevator doors open accurately every time. Expertly applied Swiss precision for this highly demanding environment.

Comfortable efficiency

PORT, Schindler’s latest destination control technology, lets your Schindler mobility solution stay a step ahead. It makes peak traffic periods easy to handle by maximizing transport capacity. It also optimizes energy efficiency in a group of elevators with a smart energy mode.

Variable identity

Our range of elevators and escalators can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. Their variable dimensions and unique designs are a Schindler hallmark. Infotainment options add convenience and comfort for you and your guests.

Durable by design

Schindler’s elevators are durable and attractive. Special control options are available for emergency services and cleaning staff are available as well.


Elevator Products

Schindler elevators are designed to integrate perfectly into your building’s architecture and software system. Easy to plan, they are suited to all building types and shaft sizes. We have the right elevator, whether it’s for high or moderate use.

Schindler 7000

The smartest solution for your high-rise building

The world‘s population is growing rapidly. Urbanization is on the increase with more people moving to cities. This creates a need for taller buildings with even more efficient and innovative mobility solutions.

Design – Bringing form and function to life

Install – Pioneering new builidng methods

Operate – Optimizing the stream of people and goods

Maintain – Revolutionizing performance with intelligent engineering

Schindler 5300 IN

Professional service. Easy to plan.

You always keep moving with our passenger elevator for small commercial buildings. The machine-room-less technology is one of the greatest breakthroughs the elevator industry has encountered in the past few decades. This technology became very popular among the building industry, as it had many tangible benefits for everyone – the architects, building owners, users and the environment.

Larger than large

Strikingly quiet

Superior Quality

Satisfyingly energy-saving

Simply high standards

Schindler 5500 IN

Perfect Fit

The Schindler 5500 represents the next generation of elevator in the industry – a machine-room-less elevator that can travel at speeds of up to 3 m/s to a height of 150 meter or 50 stories. Its latest innovative traction media technology provides a smooth and quiet ride, high energy-efficiency and space saving.

Fits you.

Space configurability

Green mobility

High level performance

Freedom of Design

Schindler 3100

Simple and Practical

The Schindler 3100 promises mobility you can rely on. And it delivers this every day. System engineered to always meet the requirements of its range of application, it ensures high availability for users and efficient operation

Plenty of space

Outperforms conventional rope systems

Safety, our main priority

Superior Standards

Schindler 3300

A flexible standard solution that unifies form and function. Our low to mid rise passenger elevator for residential and commercial buildings.

Liberty to create

Form and Function united

Solid Performance

Green Mobility

Space efficiency

Schindler 3300

A flexible standard solution that unifies form and function. Our low to mid rise passenger elevator for residential and commercial buildings.

Liberty to create

Form and Function united

Solid Performance

Green Mobility

Space efficiency

Schindler is gaining fast in Sri Lanka – not surprisingly, with the breakthrough Machine Room-less Technology. This innovative elevator system is based on the first major breakthrough in elevator technology in nearly 100 years. Designed for buildings with a maximum travel height of 85 meters, this system allows maximum utilization of building space. The reduced shaft size, together with a redesigned motor, allows the machine to be mounted within the hoist way itself — completely eliminating the need for a bulky machine room.


Savings in Construction Costs.


Flexibility to the Design of the Building


Aesthetically Pleasing Option.


Cheaper Unit Cost Price

Schindler Solutions

For any individual need in the Sri Lankan market, TPL provides an appropriate elevator solution from Schindler:

  • Low-rise requirements for basic transportation needs at affordable costs
  • Mid-rise applications for the residential and the commercial market segment
  • High-rise requirements for land mark buildings

Product Range

Below types of products:

  • Panoramic Glass Elevators
  • Passenger Elevators
  • Bed Elevators
  • Dumb Waiters
  • Car Park Elevators
  • Freight/Service elevator


Service & Maintenance

Schindler repair services offer bespoke solutions to keep any installation in optimum condition over its lifetime. TPL invested substantially into off-the-shelf spares availability and special tooling in order to provide exemplary service to our customers, with an emphasis on the quality of products and facilities provided.

Schindler Service Excellence means reliable mobility through your building. Schindler’s commitment to Service Excellence assures preventive maintenance programs for your elevators and escalators that will keep your equipment running safely and reliably. With trailblazing technology and highly trained technicians, Schindler Service Excellence means fewer callbacks and fewer inconveniences for your tenants or guests.

24/7 Service

Service agreements with 24 hour coverage


Schindler service team equipped with specialized tooling, machinery, electronic hardware and diagnostic software.


Factory trained service team with specialized breakdown assistance.


Fleet of service vehicles to support you islandwide.

Service methods for contract fulfillment

  • Efficient manpower management minimizes downtime for preventive maintenance.
  • Seven-point safety inspections are performed on every elevator we maintain. It is not required by code, but it is necessary to keep your equipment running at the peak of safety and reliability.

Technology to fix it right the first time

Schindler can provide you with a faster return to service than ever before, and we are committed to making sure that the problem is fixed efficiently and right the first time.

  • Route optimization ensures that our technicians spend less time on the road and more time with our customers.
  • Real-time dynamic scheduling allows us to quickly identify and prioritize your needs with minimal disruption to your operation.
  • Schindler Remote Monitoring™ keeps a watchful eye on your equipment 24/7.
  • Parts inventory ensures that we’re ready to meet the repair needs of our customers.

Reliability improvement programs keep your passengers moving

  • Best-trained technicians in the industry who spend an average of five days a year honing their skills
  • Expert engineeringsupport on the local, regional and national level to keep your systems moving
  • Focused strategic reliability programs that maximize “up-time” and achieve reliability improvements every year
  • Schindler’s Technology Improvement Program (TIP) applies current technology to older equipment to improve reliability, safety and performance at no added cost to you.

Service’s Excellence means responsive communications

We listen and keep you informed.

  • Schindler’s Customer Service Network is staffed with trained associates to help you 24/7 when you need to call for service.

Genuine Spare Parts

A range of genuine spare parts are available in stock and with fast deliveries for slow moving spares. TPL is the only company in Sri Lanka to stock genuine Schindler spare parts, with a guarantee on quality of products and services, and parts warranty, at a competitive price.



Independent Quality Department

At Schindler, there is no priority higher than the safety of those who travel on our equipment. As part of an ongoing commitment to passenger safety, Schindler has embarked on a global safety program known as “Confirmation of Periodic Safety Inspections” (CPSI) to ensure that 100% of passenger lifts officially maintained by Schindler and its exclusive distributors are certified as safe.

What is CPSI?

CPSI means “No compromise on safety”. In addition to observing all relevant codes and regulations, TPL now proactively carry out this annual safety test and sign off that 100% of the lifts maintained comply with applicable internal and external safety standards – an industry first.

CPSI is a seven-step process comprising over 70 individual tests and checks on key elevator components including:

  • Machine brake
  • Landing doors

Car door electrical contacts

  • Safety gear and speed governor
  • Hoist way slow down speed monitoring devices • Safety circuit
  • In-car communication devices

In Sri Lanka, every Schindler elevator maintained by TPL is inspected annually by a specialized in-house quality department that is independent of the field operations team. An international audit team from Schindler’s Head Office in Switzerland also carry out an audit on a random sample of Schindler elevators, to ensure quality and safety.

All Schindler engineers who carry out the CPSI tests are ‘Schindler-certified’ after a stringent training and assessment program. Only those technicians who obtain a satisfactory pass are authorized to carry out the tests.

Schindler moves 2 billion people per day
with state-of-the-art technology

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